Perham’s new adventure

Mike Perham’s advertised announcement about his next adventure says (in the form of a press release by somebody else on his blog) it will be an attempt at a solo round-the-world flight, making him the first person ever to both sail and fly solo around the world. Mike Perham’s blog: Mike Perham announces plans to […]

Perham unable to sail on Talisker Bounty Boat expedition

On 28 March, Mike Perham announced on his website that because of medical problems following recent appendix removal operation he wouldn’t be fit enough to participate in the Talisker Bounty Boat expedition. Perham: End of Talisker Bounty Boat dream Disappointing no doubt, but what with all the complications overcome during his round-the-world voyage I’m certain […]

Mike Perham

Well, he’s done it. Not that I doubted it in the end. But more than once during the circumnavigation it looked like he might be forced to give up. I first noticed him, by pure incident, on this page. Later on there was this, and from there I got to the site dedicated to the […]


It was a somewhat strange year. A Knoxplexian one, which to me strongly resembled Perham’s circumnavigation. Nothing untypical about that, to be sure. And yet it was a rather untypical one. For it had a climax that overhadowed all the rest, and because there was a significant shift in my perspective. These things have happened […]

Daonnan ann an Trioblaid

(It’s hard to keep track of all what’s hapening. Yesterday: Widsith‘s, my favourite blogger’s, 32nd birthday; Mike Perham‘s 18th birthday; today: Jockie’s 40th birthday, St Patrick’s Day, 10th anniversary of my 1st shift in any printing house, I met Pinkie who’s still living in this city, my therapist emailed she was beginnig to worry why […]


Gu nàdarrach, this is not a description of 2009 as it was. This is a description of 2009 how I saw it – or rather, how I perceive it now, looking backwards. The two things I care most about in my life are my closest friends and Scotland. These days, those of my best friends […]