Mike Perham: Sailing the Dream (2)

Reading it the first time I was mostly interested in the story (all those happenings I had missed when following, sometimes not too carefully, his blog while he was still sailing), pleasantly surprised by the fact we in fact did have one thing in common (the “no immense problem but always some new minor bother” principle), fascinated by the motto (I still see Mike as one of the key people giving me a helpful prod to try and live my dream), towards the end somewhat disgusted by so much “positive thinking” – and I didn’t have the time and patience for attempting to make out what all those technical expressions meant.

This time round, having some idea about what I could expect, I was neither so amazed nor so vexed. I just enjoyed it as I would a letter from a friend, with all the inevitable imperfections. For my part, I persevered in diligently checking the nautical jargon, so except for a very few sentences or paragraphs I was able to make out what he was talking about even when describing some sailing procedure. I hope I’ll manage to put the glossary I was handwriting into an alphabetical text file and print it for… for when I read it for the third time. And yes, I should learn the most basic words by heart.


ETA 18/11/12: Forgot to proceed quotations last night. The news ones which made it:

It was raining, dark, cold and pretty miserable but I didn’t give a damn; it was my home and I loved it.

And of course the one I have written (following Vonnegut’s “fart-around” and Åkesson’s “Jomsvikings” ones) on the A4 sheet on the noticeboard above my desk even before finishing the book:

‘Yes, this is tough,’ I thought, ‘but I am tougher.’



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