The disappearance of Mike Perham

I’ve had an occasion to mention him several times in my blogs. After all, he was one of the people who gave me – however unwittingly – the biggest push to try and go to live in Scotland.

Later I stopped following his blog; the car and aeroplane circumnavigation attemps looked more like a desire to be ‘the first’ again than ‘living a dream’ to me. And his posts were often sooo optimistic it made me wince.

But his book still gives me strength now and then when I’m down, so before his March birthday it occurred to me to look up what he’d been up to in the past few years.

To my great surprise – and uneasiness – I couldn’t find nothing. Not only is his last blogpost dated 11/4/15 (with Google warning that “This site may be hacked.”) and his Twitter account ‘protected’; I couldn’t even find anything about him by anybody else.

I just hope he’s decided – for whatever reason – to break with the past and make a completely new start. I just pray he didn’t have a flying accident or something. I just pray that whatever’s happened he’s alive.



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