First month over

It wasn’t as hard as I had feared it would. The accommodation is bad enough, but temporarily sufferable; I landed a steady job rather soon; hearing the unpleasant Slavic language everywhere is irksome yet not unbearable; I’m in a sense penniless but with ways of material survival; there are occasional chats with Rob and emails with Tommy . . .

Also, I managed to accomplish most of the initial basic tasks, like getting a local phone number and a bank account; finally received the tax refund for 2014-15; and hopefully would shortly move to a studio. So I can’t say things aren’t looking up a bit.

Ay, it’s a cheerless life with little to hope for. Still, as I said, I expected it would be worse. To quote Mike Perham, ‘Yes, this is tough; but I am tougher.’ Och ännu äro inte alla Jomsvikingar döda.



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