Aberdeen (Edinburgh & Dryburgh)

True, the guys to join us were Polish immigrants; they’ve been here for some time, but maybe not for long. Still, it was a funny feeling. I sat in our van and listened to our Glaswegian driver explaining to these Edinburgh folk, who took the wrong exit and were heading on the M8 towards Glasgow, what to do to get back and how to find our Edinburgh meeting place.

I finally took the opportunity to look out for Dryburgh when passing Dundee on the A90. And shortly before Dryburgh Industrial Estate on the left, the houses on the right definitely did resemble those I’d seen in the early videos by The View. Only now I’m looking them up on Google Earth and Ordnance Survey, they’re apparently in Charleston. Oh well, a near miss.

Anyway, on our way back I began listening to Cheeky for a Reason and only then realized that we were approaching Dundee again. For more embarrasing symbolism, it was Dundee where we were stuck in a bit of a rush-hour tailback, so I heard quite a big proportion of the album there, with The Clock in the Dryburgh/Charleston area.

And having only caught an hour’s sleep at night and about an hour’s nap after leaving Aberdeen, I’ve had about two hours’ worth of sleep in some thirty-eight or forty. Obviously I’m not all that old and feeble yet.



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