Runer Jonsson: Vicke Viking

Vicke Viking was one of the literary heroes of my childhood (and teen years, which only shows how sad I was). He was frail and cowardly, just like I was, and very smart, just I liked to (erroneously) think I was. Moreover, I liked the humour of the books.

If I remember correctly, the library I then visited provided me with the first four books in the series. Unfortunately, Open Library only has the first one (for all I know, the others may not have been translated into English), but it was nice to be able to read again after all those years at least that one.

Funny thing is, even though I’d probably read the book just once, four decades ago, I could still recall, upon seeing them again, most of the stories – and of the pictures by Ewert Karlsson, which to my mind were always an inseparable part of the book.

Incidentally, the Open Library edition (titled Viki Viking) was apparently translated from a German translation of the original. So it’s hard to say whether it was the German or the American translator who was obviously a bit tired (or in a rush) towards the end, when creating the sentence “And he dammed the river and created a waterfall, so that the village could run a windmill”.



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