No keepsakes any more

Another long-term ‘project’ finished last week: all the letters, tourist guides, magazine pictures and so on and so forth either turned into digital form and discarded, or simply discarded; another step towards the ideal of only having as many possessions as can be carried in a rucksack and a shoulder bag.

(This is not strictly true: for instance, I still have the Oxford panorama bookmark I brought with me from the UK back in 1990. But then I’m still using it as a bookmark, it’s not gathering dust in a drawer with the sole purpose of reminiscing when maybe once in a blue moon coming across it.)

Of course, what remains is my diaries, and these would take years to transcribe, even if brutally edited; in fact I may not manage it at all. But I’ve started – with the notebook which isn’t really a diary: apart from slang expressions used by people I knew there are their (mostly unintentionally) funny utterances.



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