Local elections 2017

The results are somewhat ambiguous.

On the one hand it’s nice that Glasgow has finally an SNP majority, and the fact that it’s not an overall majority and the party may go into a coalition with the Greens makes it in my eyes even better. On the other hand, of my other two favourite regions, Argyll & Bute saw the SNP win as well, but only just, and Perth & Kinross was a huge disappointment.

In Scotland overall, the upsurge in Tory seats is definitely worrying; that said, they’re still way behind the SNP and only slighly ahead of Labour. And the Greens gained more seats than the Lib Dems lost. (An interesting fact is that no party won an overall majority in any council.)

There were some funny moments too, like the Rubbish Party winning a seat in East Ayrshire only two months after coming into existence, and John Finnie’s tweet about the Greens now being the largest party in Orkney (they hold one seat, all the other 20 went to independent candidates).

UK-wise the picture is fairly bleak as well. Yes, it finally showed quite openly that, as John Nicolson put it, “Tories have absorbed [UKIP’s] irrationality & xenophobia, selling it to the public as strength & stability”. But the Tories didn’t win only on the strength of destroying UKIP; the only other parties who made gains were Plaid Cymru and the Greens.

Then again, local politics doesn’t mirror national politics all that faithfully. The results of 8 June will no doubt be somewhat different.

Only I’m feart they’ll be worse.



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