Terry Pratchett: The Truth

Having read in the ‘pedia that the novel featured “the coming of movable type to Ankh-Morpork” I was, as a former printer myself, naturally even more interested than usual. It turned out that the book was more about media than about printing, but I liked it as well as any other Discworld novel nonetheless. The brilliant handling of a situation when two ‘good’ characters (Sam Vimes and William de Worde) are to a great degree at cross purposes . . . or the scene in which the Guild of Engravers tries (unsuccessfully) to stop the emerging newspaper being published . . . or the moment when it turns out the main character mistakenly supposes the werewolf in the Watch to be . . . no, I mustn’t spoil it for you.



‘Come on, Mr de Worde. We’re on the same side here!’
‘No. We’re just on two different sides that happen to be side by side.’
(Sam Vimes & William de Worde, p 403)



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