Fri, 2/9: ECG

Technically a day off, but like the day before, one consisting of visiting doctors: First to the one health centre for my X-ray results – as far as I can tell they said I was weak (“asthenic chest”) but without any real damage to the heart or lungs – then to the other one, only to find out I was well outside the doctor’s opening hours. Thus back to my digs and in the afternoon back to the doctor’s. I was told the urine and blood tests’ results were completely all right, and so turned out to be my blood pressure (114/72) and ECG (rhythmic pulse, 73 beats per minute). Well it would be, measured when lying relaxed on a couch, and I was in no mood for mentioning my occasional arhythmia. All that bustle hither and thither of the last three days made me actually look forward to the next day, even though it was a workday – because I knew that after work I wouldn’t have to go anywhere save for to my digs.



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