Thu, 1/9: CT scan

First, however, a health centre to hand in my morning urine sample and have a blood sample taken (thus again after a back shift without my morning dose of caffeine), to another health centre for a lungs-and-heart X-ray, and after a nap (on empty stomach yet one more time) to the hospital for a CT scan.

The suprising moment was when they began pumping something inside me: it felt like all my body was suddenly being inflated, as if it was bulging the way they sometimes do in animated comedies, except of course it felt a bit worrying rather than comic … The subsequent advice to drink a lot to help my kidneys get the creatinine (or maybe creatine?) out of the system was, however, the kind I like to hear. So I had a pint at a beer garden along my way back – the first one in this country since January 2008.



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