Terry Pratchett: A Slip of the Keyboard

An assortment of the author’s newspaper/magazine articles, conference speeches and so on, from throughout his life, divided into three parts: The first part describes what it’s like being a (successful) writer and reflects on some aspects of the fantasy & SF genres, mostly in a humorous way. The second is more concerned with Pratchett’s life before the Discworld craze, and I could quite often (although by no means always) relate to his memories and sentiments. The last part is all about Alzheimer’s and what Sir Terry calls ‘assisted dying’ and with my thanatophobia I found it somewhat hard reading.



On the internet, no one cares how you spell. Dyslexia is imitated, not as an affliction, but as a badge of coolth.
(p 75)


Escapism isn’t good or bad in itself. What is important is what you are escaping from and where you are escaping to.
(p 114)


I didn’t tell my mother, of course, because you never told your mother, just in case it got you into more trouble.
(p 212)


I have little work-arounds to deal with this sort of thing [….] In short, if you did not know there was anything wrong with me, you would not know there is anything wrong with me. People who have spoken to me for half an hour or so ask me if I am sure I have the illness. Yes, it’s certainly there, but cunning and subterfuge get me through.
(p 271)



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