A mustelid

When I moved to Glasgow I was surprised (amongst many other things) to see so much wildlife I would never expect in a city: foxes, deer, herons, . . . Later there were all those wild rabbits in Dumfries and so on. I’d never seen the like of that here.

However, since I had to return, I saw animals I don’t remember having seen in this town before: a hedgehog, a hare, and the other night, just across the road from me, even some mustelid – an animal I hadn’t met even in Scotland. (I’ve no idea about the species: they say a weasel is weasily recognisable and a stoat is stoataly different, but for all I know it may just as well have been a marten.)

Hard to tell whether they really hadn’t been here before or whether, having begun to smoke outdoors, I’m noticing things I wouldn’t notice earlier.



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