EU referendum

Once again I watched the results of a popular vote come in during the night. To begin with it was an absolute thriller, with the lead switching from one side to the other several times.

(In retrospect it seems the reason was quicker counts in Scotland, where every single local authority area voted to remain, even if in Moray only just. The turnout, however, was only 67.2%, as compared with almost 85% during the 2014 referendum.)

But by the time I had to go to work Leave was almost half a million votes ahead and before 7am it lead by about a million, with only 9 results still to come, so I surreptitiously texted Rob the result was a success. (In the end the difference was more than a million and a quarter.) To my pleasant surprise an his.

* * * * * * * *

Shortly after, David Cameron announced he’d resign; Nicola Sturgeon said a second Scottish referendum was highly likely; the pound began to plummet; people began signing a rather bizarre petition (“we lost so we want the result annulled”); some Leave proponents showed their duplicity claiming the actual leaving can wait for several years; nevertheless, EU leaders – quite rightly – refused Brexit talks before the UK triggers Article 50 . . .

. . . and my relationship with The Guardian took another turn. In 2014, with the exception of Kevin McKenna, they were just about all for Scotland remaining in the UK. Now they just about all turned pro-indy. It seems that being leftist they just love centralism: “the best option would be Scotland under the UK and the UK under the EU, but short of that let’s be under the EU rather than under the UK, because the EU is a Bigger Brother”. When this appeared as the Guardian view, I stopped visiting the site again (except for their Country diary, needless to say).

By the way, some more interesting maps and charts here.



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