View No 5

I pre-ordered Ropewalk and had it as early as last September, but only got round to listening to it last month. Initially I was too depressed in my exile; later I was simply afraid of being disappointed; and then again I probably hadn’t actually listened to a complete album for the first time since … well, since their previous one.

In the event, disappointed I was not. It naturally wasn’t such a ‘revelation’ as Hats Off to the Buskers, (very) occasionally I heard something which felt like they’d done it before, and for the first time there was no ‘hidden last track’; for all that, after a second listen (with lyrics this time) I concluded I liked it at least as well as Cheeky for a Reason.

The funny thing was that it felt as though they began writing in a certain style, after some time found it boring, so gradually began just fooling around: the album draws to a close and you realise that somehow you’re in a completely different place than the one you started at and have no idea how you’d got there. But you like it there as much – maybe even a wee bit more.

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