Jerome Klapka Jerome: Three Men on the Bummel

If this sequel is marginally less enjoyable to me than Three Men in a Boat, it is only because it mostly happens in Germany, rather than in England. Even so, I have a soft spot for it, because I had once named my diary account of a trip I took with my friends from college Four Men on the Bummel, and later began to refer in my mind to all such trips as ‘bummels’ (pronouncing it [ˈbʌm(ə)l], unaware that this Germanism did not become a part of the common English lexicon). Later I even had it with me on one such … bummel. Reading the novel after many years and a three-year stay in Britain, I was now also amused by the fact that a few of the passages describing some disagreeable German custom (for instance getting up at unearthly hours) made me think “ay, and they’re the same here in the Czech Republic”.



Age and experience have taught me that there are few matters concerning which a man does well to be positive. Consequently, there remain to me now but a limited number of questions upon which I feel any degree of certainty.
(Chapter III)


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