Back to basics

The other day my laptop for some reason stopped producing any sounds. Apparently I deleted some software I shouldn’t have. Anyway, a ‘refresh’ solved the problem; it took a few days but after 87, then 6, then 45 and then 12 other automatic updates the one from Win 8 to Win 8.1 happened as well, so I got where I’d been before.

During those few days I also reinstalled the software I’m too used to to go without: Firefox, VPNUK and so on. Likewise, I refound the websites which are most important for me. In this respect I’m not where I’d been before. I’ve resolved to only add these one by one as I go along, if and when I decide I really need to use the particular software/visit the particular website.

I think something like this has happened before, more than once. Strangely, this time I really stick to the resolution – and it’s not all that hard. Maybe I’d become a little surfeited with the Internet …



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