BBC’s Your Pictures of Scotland

Another fine thing I liked for years killed by the kind of ‘developer’ who refuses to behave in accordance with the good old adage ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’, who thinks you must change a website’s appearance every now and then just for the sake of giving it a ‘new look’.

I discovered and started visiting this weekly selection of photos sent to the Beeb by readers soon after getting online in 2008. At first the pics were rather small, although they didn’t appear so to a Web rookie me; later they got larger; much later they could be enlarged so as to appear almost full-screen. However, the other week BBC changed the format: now you just see one page with the pics following each other in a column. Which works retroactively for those previous ‘almost-full-screen’ ones as well.

So I lost interest. The photos may still be larger than those first ones I’d seen; nevertheless, somehow by not being presented one at a time, I can’t enjoy them the way I used to. I think that for more than seven and a half years I hadn’t missed a single week; now I stopped going there.



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