More useless tips against insomnia

I’ve already complained here about the BBC take on the subject. A recent article in The Guardian was, if possible, even worse. The twelve tips proposed may work for some, but definitely not for me.

Not using my laptop two hours before bed? Man, I live on the Net. A bath or shower immediately before bed? The explanation about body temperature looks nice, but I know from experince that this puts sleep off for at least two hours, even if I was drowsy before. Tried and tested. No alcohol in the hours before bed? So when do you drink, at work? The 90-minute rule is self-contradictory: if you can decide to fall asleep at a certain time and do it, you don’t need the help of such tips. Moreover, it’s in contradition with the later tip that attempting to stay awake helps one fall asleep. And so on until the statement that “we all underestimate how much of the night we spend sleeping” – no siree, I’ve always counted ‘sleeping’ as the time between looking at the clock for the last time before sleep and for the first time after sleep, so I can’t possibly underestimate the time I’ve been actually asleep.

The only sound advice is the one about segmented sleep, but I’d already read about that elsewhere and began practising it (after day shifts) before seeing this.

Incidentally, years ago at the comments section of some similar article somebody sighed there were always comments about personal experience to the contrary, as if such anecdotes could disprove general results concerning majority of people. They can’t, only it cuts both ways: it follows you should read such articles as interesting statistics about others, rather than useful information about yourself. Ultimately you have to find out what works for you using the good old empirical method.



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