Google’s and Facebook’s taxes

Many articles appeared recently about the £130m Google and Osborne agreed the former should pay in UK back taxes. Generally they agreed it was a paltry sum. However, one of them also mentioned the following:

Facebook paid £4,327 ($6,643) in corporation tax in 2014, according to its latest UK results. It showed the company as making a pre-tax loss of £28.5m last year, but the firm also paid its 362 UK staff a total of £35.4m in share bonuses. It means Facebook’s UK corporation tax bill was less than the tax the average UK employee paid on their salary.

So how come there’s no such outrage about FB? After all, despite all controversies Google still remains the best search engine and map provider there is. A useful tool you can use without even registering. Facebook is just a social networking site primarily concerned with selling your data to advertisers.


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