December ’15 news

Not untypically, December was mostly about weather.

Shortly after the complete closure of the Forth Road Bridge (which would be surprisingly reopened, except for HGVs, as early as two days before Christmas) storm Desmond came and caused floods in Cumbria and elsewhere (in Scotland most notably in Hawick and Dumfries), including Carlisle despite its new flood defences. Some places were flooded more than once.

In other news, the legal action against Alistair Carmichael’s election as an MP failed; nochd aithisgean gum bidh CLÌ Gàidhlig gun mhaoineachadh o Bhòrd na Gàidhlig is mathaid gun tèid iad à bith (dh’fhoillsich iad Cothrom 4 an dèidh sin ge-tà); and a third diesel-electric hybrid ferry launched from the Ferguson Marine shipyard, saved by Jim McColl, in Port Glasgow.

Après, la Conférence de Paris de 2015 sur le climat (COP 21) a atteint un accord. Malgré des célébrations, temps plus mauvais était très près.

Meanwhile, however, Donald Trump lost his blatantly hypocritical legal challenge at UK Supreme Court; John Swinney unveiled new budget, with council tax still frozen but a new levy on purchases of second homes; the controversial Beauly to Denny power line became fully operational along its whole length; and the year’s number of illegal migrants into Europe passed one million.

And then it hit again: some areas in Cumbria were flooded for a third time; a week later storm Eva brought floods mainly to Yorkshire and its western neighbours; and the following storm, Frank, targeted primarily Scotland: once again the south, yet this time also the north-east – and in fact almost the whole country.

Some end of the year.



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