Never mind the Davis Cup victory. The day before St Andrew’s I gave myself a better gift: deciding I could afford it at last, I subscribed to VPNUK again.

Ay, it slows the comp down a bit, but there are three advantages which turn that into merely a negligible inconvenience. First, I can watch iPlayer videos again (and others, like those from the British Film Institute). I still visit the NRK – I’m into the Salmeboka now – but once I’m done with those I won’t be faced with the question ‘now what?’

Second, websites like Google and YouTube don’t irritate me by redirecting me from their .com domains to local ones. (Sometimes I wonder how expats without knowledge of their country-of-residence tongue(s) cope with these websites that are so keen on overriding a user’s own preferences, including the interface language, with their localised ones.)

And third, contrarily as it were, and in fact unexpectedly, BBC News don’t redirect me from their .co.uk domain to the .com one. I’d never realised that before, but the selection of news offered e.g. on the Home page differs substantially: at the former address you get a more or less balanced mix of top UK and top world stories; the latter by and large simply mirrors the World page. Apparently the Beeb (maybe rightly) presumes that visitors from abroad are more interested in getting ‘news from the BBC’ than in getting ‘news from the UK’. Not a homesick exile like me though.



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