Slow TV 2

(following up on this post)

The Hurtigruten voyage took several weeks to get to the end of. The main gain for me was that I realised how much time such ships spend in port, and consequently how much time the crew members spend working while not actually sailing. The main (unsolved) riddle was the people waving Norwegian flags everywhere. Do they do this every time the ships pass by? Did they hope to appear on TV as proper patriots? Was the programme made during some festive period?

The Salmon river and the National Wood Night were disappointments: the former concerned with fishing, rather than observing the salmon; the latter mostly people talking. (They may have been talking interestingly, but of course it’s hard to tell when you don’t understand the language. Ah well, they didn’t talk all the time, so at least I know now what a musical saw sounds like. Like wind in a chimney.)

At the moment I’m into the Piip-show, which is quite nice and quite bonkers. Norwegian sense of humour seems to be different from mine, but I like it.



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