The Guardian

Some time ago it occurred to me that virtually every time I posted in the News category here the main link was to an article by the BBC. The idea that I relied on a single source didn’t please me; I wondered whether I shouldn’t add another one.

But what was there to get? Definitely not a tabloid. Definitely nothing right-wing. The Times and The Herald demand a subscription I’m not willing to pay. I’d lost faith in The Independent‘s independence five years ago. Which basically left me with The Guardian.

I was viting the website for a few months and read quite a few interesting articles. Still, I gradually stopped following first one section, then another, and so on. For one thing, I didn’t – and don’t – have the time for all those interesting commentaries, analyses and so on. For another, after some time the paper’s overall tone proved to be a bit too left-wing, a bit too Labour for my liking. As for reporting hard facts, they generally told me the same story that the BBC did; today I’m more or less back to just the latter.

I keep following a few particular Guardian sections: I’m still interested in their take on Scotland. Then they present more infomation about countries like Canada, Sweden and Norway. (The Beeb sometimes seems to think Canada a US province and Continental EU consisting of Germany, France and Brussels.)

Most importantly, their one section I still visit daily is the Country Diary. As far as slowing down for a while goes in this mad world of ours it’s simply matchless.



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