Two changes in top Labour jobs

As announced in mid-Agust, Gordon Matheson stood down as the leader of the Glasgow City Coucil. Labour councillors chose Frank McAveety as his successor.
BBC: Frank McAveety set to lead Glasgow City Council
Admittedly, I hardly noticed Mr Matheson outwith PR and scandals – the infidelity, the abortive George Square revamp, the cancelled ‘ceremonial’ Red Road flats demolition . . . but fair is fair: I reckon that politician or not, he must have done something helpful for the success of last year’s Commonwealth Games.

Shortly after, the election for the the Labour Party’s new leader was won by underdog-turned-favourite Jeremy Corbyn.
BBC: Jeremy Corbyn wins Labour leadership contest and vows ‘fightback’
Guardian: Corbyn hails huge mandate as he sets out leftwing agenda
From his BBC profile and other things I’ve read since then it looks apparent that the party will reverse its course taken under Blair and become more ‘left’ than ‘centre’ again. Some think this will reinvigorate the party; some think this means Tories in power for decades to come. As a true agnostic, I’m sure that . . . time alone will tell.

Apropos of politicians: I’ve recently noticed the Czech PM is a Mr Sobotka. Almost four months after arriving here and quite by accident, in a migration crisis article. I’m sure I’d seen the name before, but have no idea which party he represents, not even whether it’s a ‘left’ or a ‘right’ one. Sure, it would only take a couple of minutes to find out; but then I’d have to care to begin with.


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