EU migration crisis

I’ve already mentioned the Calais part of it. If anything, the affair became even more topical since. And more unnerving, for various reasons.

For instance, it’s unnerving to watch how the publication of a single photograph of a 3-year-old dead boy can initiate something bordering on mass hysteria. As if all the previous loss of the migrants’ lives was less tragic. The influence the media have over people is truly scary sometimes.

Or to see how the days of good old ‘charity begins at home’ are over. I’m not happy agreeing with a Tory, but David Simmonds said it well: “It is very striking […] this morning people saying, ‘I have a spare bedroom, I will happily take a Syrian refugee’. But were these people ready yesterday to take any of those on the housing waiting list in their local area who may have been here for quite some time?”

It’s unnerving to see The Guardian talk about a “refugee crisis”, as if all the migrants were fleeing from war. It’s unnerving to watch the media and politicians overlook that many of these migrants try and begin their so-called integration by showing they don’t care about the rules as long as these hinder their goals. For a gay it’s likewise unnerving to see how hardly anybody mentions that it would be a curious statistical anomaly if the majority of these people weren’t staunch homophobes.

(It’s not unnerving to read somebody claim that the true Christian approach would be to welcome everybody in, mentioning the Book of Exodus but not the way those exiled Jews then treated the peoples of the area they came to. We’re used to people citing the Bible to support anything.)

And last but not least, it’s unnerving to watch all this and more on top of news that overall net migration to the UK in the 12 months to March 2015 rose to a record annual level of 330,000.

Ah well. Ours won’t be the first, neither the last civilisation to be overwhelmed by another. Islam may prevail over our strange European mixture of Christianity and secularity. Ultimately, China will prevail even over Islam. Anyway, most of this will presumably happen when I’m already safely dead.

Sometimes I find myself envying my younger friends that presumably they have more time left on this planet. Sometimes I don’t . . .


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