Slow TV

I’d read about this phenomenon before, but only being reminded about it made me dig deeper and somewhat to my surprise find a webpage with links to the particular NRK catch-up programmes. So I began watching them.

‘Watching’ probably isn’t the best word. I’ve simply begun turning one on, full-screen, as a substitute for a screensaver when I’m not doing anything on the laptop and when having my meals. With the sound muted, playing some classical music as an audio background instead. Before switching it off I note down the time ‘covered’ and the next time recommence thence.

I keep the chronological order: began with the Bergensbanen train journey, which disabused me of the idea that they simply put a camera facing forwards into the driver’s cabin and that was that, continued with the Flåmsbana scenic tourist route, which seemed more like a common tourism programme than slow TV, and now I’m into the (more than 134-hour-long) Hurtigruten coastal voyage.

Funny thing: I’ve realised that for the first time in my life I (very, very slightly) regret not having a TV – in particular, a wall-mounted, large-screen TV . . . Anyway, I look forward to the salmon river, the ‘national wood night’ and the other trips (although I’ll probably skip the knitting and the lectures) – and to the 2017 migrating reindeer.

Postscript, 24/11/15: Follow-up here.


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