Flat improvements

When I came here the intention was to invest time and money only into the very basic things. After all, I’ll never call this place a ‘home’, however long I stay here.

Now in addition to the things we are used to see as a matter of course in this part of the world – running water, electricity and so on – there are four things I nowadays regard as ‘necessities’ for a reasonably comfortable life: a bed, a desk and a chair, and Internet connexion. The first was already here, the second and third I obtained within a month of moving in and the fourth even before that.

Of course, you can never foresee the things which will not be up to your standards. For instance, the shower hose called for a replacement, having a broken casing, and some frolicking with washers was necessary to stop the flat’s door chafing against the floor.

But then come the things you absolutely can do without . . . but after a while don’t really want to. A vacuum flask, a knife, a draining board, slippers, an electric kettle, a hand towel, a table mat, a ‘normal’ bag to carry your packed lunch to work in . . . Insidiously the list grows longer. My latest investment was into laptop speakers; at the moment I’m considering whether to get first a clothes horse or a doormat. There are more suggestions for the future . . .

But I mean to keep going about it quite slowly. Partly because of my current financial situation; partly because I still remember how burnt-out I was after the one-and-a-half-month revamping of my Glasgow flat; partly because after all, I’ll never call this place a ‘home’, however long I stay here.



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