For most of my life I used to visit museums and galleries only involuntarily or semi-voluntarily: taking part in school trips, humouring somebody who insisted on my accompanying them . . . This changed when I moved to Scotland. I wouldn’t say I became an ‘avid’ visitor to such places, but I did see quite a few, predominantly (but not only) in Glasgow. I didn’t expect this to continue after my return; I couldn’t envisage coming across anything I would find interesting enough to go and see here.

Consequently, I was greatly surprised when by sheer accident I noticed in the window of a building I hadn’t even known was a museum an unassuming poster advertising a future exhibition. What caught my attention was the name of my old rehab; closer inspection revealed the display’s theme was the irrigation system in the large park adjacent to the hospital (a former country house of the Schwarzenbergs).

What with one thing and another I nearly didn’t make it. In the end I did, after a night shift and only four days before the exhibition closed. Happily, as it was definitely worth it: the photographs were delightful and bringing back pleasant memories; the maps and explanatory panels describing the irrigation system’s history and present state informative – all the more interesting for one who had spent many a pleasant hour walking among all those artificial streams, ponds and fountains.

(That said, I can’t envisage coming across anything else I would find interesting enough to go and see here again.)



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