Mhairi Black

I first became aware of the youngest MP since at least the first half of the 19th century noticing the news that she had got her Glasgow University honours degree. (My surprise wasn’t her first becoming an MP and then graduating, it was her age: where I come from you only become eligible for the parliament at 21.) Two and a half weeks later there was her maiden speech.
BBC: Mhairi Black’s first speech: Five things we learned
Well, what I learned was what a maiden speech is about. Having read Jeffrey Archer’s First Among Equals I knew the technical meaning of the phrase, without an idea about the contents such deliverancies tend to have. Apparently, it’s a sort of “let me introduce myself” address to the rest of the House. Funnily, except for her fellow SNP members only a handful of other MPs were interested in hearing it, as can be seen in the recording – which then reportedly topped 10 million online views in less than a week.



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