Bemusing royal opening ceremonies

Last month, Queen Elizabeth II and I officially opened the new hospital in Glasgow, and Princess Anne the Kelpies sculptures near Falkirk.
BBC: New South Glasgow hospital named after Queen Elizabeth
BBC: Kelpies officially opened by Princess Royal
So the mother ‘opens’ a hospital two months after it receives its first patients, and it’s renamed in her honour from South Glasgow University Hospital to Queen Elizabeth University Hospital. (Maybe not such an honour with the reputation the hospital at the moment had following the patient migration scenes and A&E waiting time figures. Anyway, some didn’t like the idea per se.)
Only to be overdone by her daughter, who ‘opens’ a tourist attraction one and a half years after its completion, and more than a year after its having been opened to the public.
This makes one wonder how much traffic will cross the Queensferry Crossing (expected to open in late 2016) before it’s ‘opened’ – conceivably by Prince Charles on his round birthday in 2018: they could then rename it in his honour to Princeferry Crossing . . .

Postscript, 10/8/15: As if on clue, today I’ve read that the Queen “is to officially open the new rail line between the Scottish Borders and Edinburgh […] on 9 September […] The first passenger services are due to run along the line a few days earlier.” However, this time I was reconciled: nice of her to come to Scotland on the day she’ll become Britain’s longest-serving monarch.



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