BBC lists articles censored by EU/Google

The Beeb has published in its blog a list of those of its articles which Google removed from its search results as a consequence of the European Court of Justice right to censor ruling.
BBC: List of BBC web pages which have been removed from Google’s search results
A decision which could only be applauded, if they didn’t bottle out of listing the articles’ names, rather than their bare URLs. However, I clicked on the obviously ‘Scottish’ links and got:
Ban for drink-drive officer
Horses die in farm blaze
Post office embezzler avoids jail
– “a not proven verdict”
Rape law change welcomed
– “found not guilty of all charges”
Glenochil Prison officer arrested over mail theft
GP injected wife with heroin at their Edinburgh home (and follow-up: sentenced)
– “denies the charges”
Missing girl last seen in Glasgow
Tony Vita jailed for life for murdering wife Marion
Man raped woman as she slept at house in Livingston (and follow-up: jailed)
Ambulance chiefs quit after probe
Kilmarnock teacher struck off after sex with pupils
– “strenuously denied newspaper allegations”
Surprise, surprise, it’s all about crime – although admittedly sometimes about people accused but not convicted. But the ECJ ruling talked about “irrelevant or outdated” information. How that applies in 2015 to a rape case from 2010, whose perpetrator was jailed in 2012 for 5 years, escapes me. And that’s the second basic ethical flaw in the whole affair: ECJ doesn’t assess the individual cases. They told Google that when asked to, they have to. The Court can wash their hands: after the initial case they don’t censor anybody. They simply ordered somebody else to do the censoring for them.



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