Can’t wait for the hols

Originally, this post was supposed to be about being too busy to blog, what with all the bookmarks I’d made while still unconnected in my digs, necessary improvements to this new accommodation, having an extra shift for three weeks in a row and so on . . . But of course I was too busy to write it.

Then it occurred to me how the ‘even-keel’ date kept shifting. It’s always been “just have to wait [x] more days/weeks till [y], then I’ll finally be able to manage the backlog”, where [x] is a natural number other than zero and [y] successively “getting from the hostel to a studio”, “getting Internet connexion there”, “getting a proper desk & chair” . . . At the moment it’s “getting a few days off in a row”.

Consequently, even though to begin with I didn’t want these compulsory two-week hols at all (not having accrued enough yet, so that there will be quite a few days off with no remuneration), currently I’m grateful they’re approaching. I’d almost quote a favourite phrase of my friend’s and claim I need them . . .

I just hope there’ll be no new cause (or excuse) for not clearing the backlog asap when they arrive. And then having enough time again for my language studies, blogging about things sooner than a month after they happen, maybe even regularly spending a tranquil hour with a book or some music or video before going to sleep . . .



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