Making inroads

Moving country with only what could be crammed into a rucksack and a laptop case I arrived without such usual items as slippers, a pot or a kitchen knife. But I’m making inroads, like the vacuum flask, the tin opener and the hand towel I’ve bought these last few days.

Also, after more than one and a half months of only using my laptop in the (quite often awfully noisy) bar, the number of webpages I bookmarked for reading/studying/watching/dealing with later exceeded a hundred. But I’m making inroads, even though tonight it’s still a three-figure number.

So despite the fact that Saturday was the first day since moving to the new digs on which I didn’t go to work (I just returned from it in the morning), after a short sleep I was in no mood for simply resting after those six day shifts and six night shifts. Had to at least begin diminishing the backlog.

But I did make a point of doing things in a relaxed way. After all, I have nowhere to hurry to at last. And it’s a pleasure being able to watch videos again . . .



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