New roommate

Somewhat tired after my first full working week since October last year I was in no mood for sitting down to my laptop in Rob’s bar in the Friday evening bar noise; just had a quick pint of Birell and headed for the hostel to get some proper rest. Only to find out I already had another roommate.

A strange guy. Even my turning on the light didn’t wake him up; since then he still didn’t unpack his luggage, so former Mates’s wardrobe is still totally empty. I just hope against hope this means he’ll leave pretty soon, because I’ve probably never shared room with anybody snoring like he does.

Postscript, 13/6/15: Fortunately he left as early as Monday; so far I’m living alone. Nevertheless, that doesn’t help the noise others living on the floor do – the loud talks in the corridor, the banging of the doors, the loud TVs/radios some shitheads have on with the doors to their rooms wide open . . .



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