AdBlock Plus victorious at court

Eyeo GmbH, the developer of AdBlock Plus, won another court victory against media companies accusing the software of being anti-competitive and endangering their ability to provide free content.
BBC: AdBlock Plus secures another court victory in Germany
Of course, one might argue that we customers want to have our cake and eat it. We want those websites to be free, but we don’t want to be bothered by the advertisers who pay instead of us. But that is missing the point. If the providers don’t like anti-ad software, they should either find a way to bypass it, or indeed start charging. It would then be up to the customers to decide whether they prefer to pay or stop visiting. Simple as that. In fact, obtrusive adverts can make customers stop visiting as well.

(Another question is why some companies employ these adverts using animation, sounds or pop-up windows at all. Can it be that somebody can really be driven by these to buy their product, rather than to deliberately avoid it? It seems strange, but then, so are people …)



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