Night hostel brawl

On Tuesday I eventually paid up the rest of the first month’s rent. As chance would have it, it was followed by a night brawl taking place in my room.

Around midnight some drunk and his sidekick entered the room. As I would learn later, they were the hostel’s caretakers; my roommate had been owing a third caretaker some money for some time and this drunk has decided to kick him out of the hostel for that. There was a bit of fisticuffs but no blood drawn. My roommate left, then returned and locked the door.

Presently, however, the drunk returned as well, and finding the door locked made a hole in the door with his fist. So my roommate unlocked, left again and returned again; we fastened some bit of cardboard which was in the room by Sellotape over the hole and went to sleep. Well, I only fell asleep, after another fag, at about 4 in the morning.

The story of my life. I constantly hear Bohemians railing at Gypsy violence/criminality, but when something like this happens (in a hostel where there’s a considerable proportion of Gypsy inhabitants too), it’s some fucking Bohemian psycho white who’s the culprit.



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