From Prague airport to the main railway station, then (naturally from the farthest platform) southwards by train and later by replacement bus service, getting another half-hour doze in the latter. Luckily had enough money left for a municipal transport ticket, otherwise it might take me hours to get the foil-wrapped rucksack and laptop case to Rob’s bar (his girlfriend on duty).

Left my baggage there and went to the foreign exchange – only to be reminded of what I had known but forgotten during those three and a half years, namely that in this bloody country no financial institution accepts Scottish banknotes. After a few more futile tries I at least managed to agree at the hostel where Rob had reserved a place for me to pay for a week rather than a month to begin with. The hostel was so shabby it made Firhill Court look like a five-star hotel in comparison but I was too beaten down to give a fuck; at least I had a roof.

I returned to the bar, charged my mobile and laptop, spent some time on the Net (meanwhile Rob changed his girlfriend), some more on a barstool, and before 10pm left for the hostel again, having decided I didn’t dare to bring the laptop there: would spent my laptop time at the bar until I found some safer accommodation. (Also decided to move the rucksack’s contents gradually in the laptop case.)

Stèisean-rèile Blàr Athall 2010.

Luckily at least my roommate turned out to be all right, a normal (and in fact attractive) young guy. We talked for a while but soon I went to sleep, totally knackered but in bed at long last. With little hope of life but with a reasonable amount of hope for survival.


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