Tommy was too depressed to join me, even though after much hesitating I offered to pay for him; it rained during almost all the time I spent there; and the Castle’s interior wasn’t worth the £10 ticket – although the gardens with the Woodland and Bluebell Walks made up for that.

And yet. I had a beautiful trip past/via Loch Lomond (with Ben Lomond visible), Tarbet, Loch Long, Arrochar, The Cobbler/Beinn Artair, Rest and be thankful, Loch Restil, Cairndow and Loch Fyne; I did visit this place I had meant to see for quite some time; and I was once again in Argyll, the region I fell in love with last year. I was totally content.

After the Castle I walked the town for a while, amused by the CoS church surrounded by a roundabout and by the Episcopal one with the tower and (presumably) nave separated; had a pint of Guiness in a beautiful multiple-room dark-wooden bar of the George Hotel; and at the near Co-op bought the 8-pack of Tunnock’s wafers I’d bought so often when in Argyll last year as mentioned.

It cost me more than I could afford, but I never regretted it. It was my last ‘exploratory’ trip before leaving the country, it was Argyll, and I was gratified.



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