Ahead of NHS

When on 3rd of the month I referred myself for counselling, they offered me an appointment on 31st. I asked for an earlier one and did get it, although in a more distant location. Even so, in the meantime there were several morale boosters: realisation I could reapply for housing and council tax benefits, learning I could reapply for JSA, Rob’s and Tommy’s replying my emails, negative blood tests results, negative X-ray results, two phone calls from Rob . . .

Today I signed an employment contract. It’s a zero-hours one, but then I’ve never achieved any other since I came here. When I then attended the appointment with the psychiatrist, the two problems for which I had wanted the counselling, depression and anxiety, no longer deserved one. So the talk was instead mostly about my lifelong social phobia and my two- or three-year thanatophobia.

Not that I expect they would be able to do much about those.



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