Transfers: From blogs to pictures

Since I began blogging in 2009, I’ve had, under one or another of five nicks, a blog at Webnode, two at LiveJournal, my own website, three blogs at Blogger, a Twitter account, a Tumbler blog and three more at WordPres. A few months ago I began transferring the posts (some of them already transferred once or archived in RTF files) here, and last Thursday I moved the last ones. I guess I kept the vast majority of them, although I did discard forever quite a few I no longer thought worth keeping. But I finally only have one blog, and all that’s kept is here.

At the same time I was scanning my old photos, and now I’m ‘processing’ these. That is to say, naming them, sorting them in folders and uploading them to Flickr. After which I mean to transfer my digital photos. These are currently under two different Flickr accounts, and some just on my hard drive. Having about two and a half thousand to deal with, this will probably take even more time than the blogs. Hopefully it will be as much fun.

(Incidentally, I’ll then have to fix the links to pictures embedded in the posts. So the work on the blogs isn’t completely done yet either.)



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