Nicola Sturgeon superseding Alex Salmond

The former MSP for Glasgow, MSP for Glasgow Govan, Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing, Cabinet Secretary for Infrastructure, Investment and Cities, Deputy SNP Leader, Deputy FM, and still incumbent MSP for Glasgow Southside has become the SNP Leader and the FM.
BBC: SNP conference: Nicola Sturgeon appointed party leader
BBC: Nicola Sturgeon in ‘open’ offer to rivals
I’ll miss Alex Salmond’s sarcastic quips, especially at FMQs (especially especially in the days of Annabel Goldie, probably the only occasional match for him). But I can understand his reasons for leaving, and from what I’ve seen of Ms Sturgeon since the first BBC referendum debate back in January 2012, she’ll probably do things a bit differently but no less resolutely.

That debate . . . funny to realise that she’s probably the most famous/influential person of those I’ve ever sort of ‘met’. (Not so funny to realise the lass is two years younger than me. Where are the days of my youth when top politicians looked like a bunch of antediluvian dotards? Now it’s me who . . . perish the thought.)



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