About a month ago I finally grew so vexed with HTC/Android/Vodafone that I destroyed my phone and switched to Nokia/Windows/EE.

More precisely, Nokia Lumia 530. It sucks. That’s fine. I like it.

For instance, you install the Amazon Kindle app. It duly syncs the books you’ve bought from Amazon. But forget about its syncing the .doc files you emailed to your Kindle address, which appeared converted on your (physical) Kindle. Forget about downloading a .mobi file from The app won’t find it. Or you try the BBC News app, only to find out that, all things considered, it’s more convenient to go to their website in your browser.

And so on.

This is good. Because, what does an old fogey like me expect from his mobile? The basics: time, date and alarm clock(s); texts, emails and phone calls; calculator; camera and MP3 player; browser. Possibly calendar and maps. All the rest is unnecessary and only irritates one by its slowness and/or unreliability.

And if your phone is so unreliable that you stop even trying all those ‘useful’ apps . . . it saves a lot of time for more important things.



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