4th Argyll week

And the last. As before I’ll just note we stayed in Connel and worked in Oban again and briefly mention the main highlights:

Sunday: To Argyll in a van this time; got the room with the bunk bed.

Monday: After [night] shift began reading Teaching of Buddha by Bukkyō Dendō Kyōkai, which the hotel rooms offer alongside the usual Gideon Bible. (Wouldn’t have time to finish it and frankly wouldn’t much regret that.)

Tuesday: Trip to to Benderloch and climb up Beinn Lora: many benches and views along the way, no discernable path beyond the Ben Lora Viewpoint but getting to the summit anyway, agreeing with a guy we could spend hours there just watching the scenery, returning detour to the Eagle’s Eyrie viewpoint over Benderloch; the village with its ‘supermarket’, church and café-cum-bookshop. At the hotel bar showing photos from to Kyle. At night concluded that ‘mince pies’ are more about sweetness than meat.

Wednesday: Jaunt to Oban Airport, then past the Ledaig Caravan Park and back; starting back to North Connel realisation I had practically been there on my first North Connel jaunt. Placid chat with Kyle and Wee Al in the hotel bar.

Thursday: Final stroll to the Connel Bridge bench, watching clouds and sunshine passing over the hills beyond it, the kirk and the last two pints in the hotel bar, conversing with Steve this time.

Friday: Back to Glasgow. God knows when I’ll get to Argyll again, but it doesn’t matter. The important thing is that I had some gorgeous moments there.



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