3rd Argyll week

As before I’ll just note we stayed in Connel again and worked in Oban and briefly mention the main highlights:

Sunday: Tippling a bit while finishing Small Gods and rebeginning And the Land Lay Still, then back to Argyll.

Monday: The trip to Loch Awe to see St Conan’s Kirk: a strange but interesting building, for instance considering how few attendants it must have always had; possibly my first walking around a church cloister; lighting a candle (probably after years) “for all the dead in my life and that those still alive remain so as long as possible”; first pint of cider in the hotel bar (it would become a tradition).

Tuesday: The trip for a Cruachan power station guided tour (not much to see but the guide’s narrative interesting), then on my own by what proved to be a very steep then muddy slope onto the dam; the way down (washing the mud off my shoes in some stream, seeing several horned sheep and discovering Loch Awe was much larger); emerging in Loch Awe rather than Falls of Cruachan (thus seeing St Conan’s Kirk again). The sights, uphill, on the dam and downhill, were stunning; altogether another elating trip.

Wednesday: running out of reachable destinations (and knowing I’d be back for another week) finished God Knows – the ‘UK’ part before a short jaunt through the village and the night shift, the US epilogue just after that.

Thursday: Finally no trip or jaunt, enjoying instead having (since Tuesday afternoon) the hotel room all for myself.

Friday: Return to Glasgow (with a stop in Inveruglas in sight of the power station pipelines) where the Net was down – and stayed so until just before it was time to leave again on Sunday.



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