Glasgow Commonwealth Games 2014

Even with my indifference towards this branch of show business, I couldn’t help noticing an event taking place for over a week in my city. Not that I saw any competition, except for a few bikers who had the right of way before I could cross West George St and St Vincent St on my way to work on the very last day. (There were hardly any cheering fans, but those waiting to get to the other pavement mostly did refrain from the usual local jaywalking without being grumpy about it.)

But the city was indisputably even more crowded that usual (luckily, by now Edinburgh has taken over again with its summer festivals – hopefully for many years to come). And exceptionally, I often clicked on a news headline despite knowing it was sports-related. So I noticed Ross Murdoch, successful in fighting his opponents in 200m breatstroke, and later slightly less successful (but all the more human for it) in fighting his tears on the winners’ podium.

I noticed the Scottish bowlers winning men’s singles, pairs and fours. (However, the appearance of the guys involved gave me the impression that with my BMI 16, this is not a sport for me when I retire.) And of course I followed the medal table up to the final 19 golds, making Scotland fourth only to England, Australia and Canada.

All in all, it was fun. I enjoyed it – and I’m glad it ended as quickly as it did.

Postscript 14/8/15: only a year later I came by accident across this nice loop.

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