H.G. Wells: Kipps

Another disappointment. Allegedly Wells’ most successful novel, it is nowhere near the mastery of his History of Mr. Polly (published five years later). The theme – a poor shop assistant inheriting enough money to try and raise himself into the upper middle class – is promising, but the execution is mediocre. Kipps as a book is closer to Love and Mr. Lewisham (published five years earlier), even if Kipps himself is closer to the protagonist of the later rather than the earlier book.

To tell the truth, during the last few pages I was reading more out if inertia than out of curiosity about the outcome . . .

To make things worse, I bought a terrible edition. It breaks pages with illogical blank lines; on the other hand subchapters are separated as inconspicuously as they go . . . I have a dark suspision that the editor just copypasted the text from somewhere, changed the format of the file and didn’t even check what that would result in. The outcome being as bad as some things I have seen on Kindle.



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