Dumfries Castle

Likewise I put to good use Wednesday. Having noticed the previous day a Castledykes Park I did some research and found out that there was or had been a Dumfries Castle. So I went to find out which it was.

At first I discovered the gardens; then after some desultory strolling around the knolls I came across a board with the park’s map showing a Castle Hill. Upon getting onto which I found a cairn confirming that the castle belonged to the past. I had a gratifying smoke on the lawn all the same and returned; passing St Michael’s Kirkyard I popped in to see the Burns Mausoleum again.

(I must also mention the many rabbits – in Dumfriesshire, not just in this park. As far as I remember, during the last decade or two I had only seen them in Coatbridge.)

Living in this odd style of a night worker and a day tripper I didn’t regret the money and had a cone of ice cream on my way back to fight the heat wave. Probably my first one here – not that it was any different than on the Continent.

On Thursday, however, I went to sleep after work and more or less only got up to attend the following shift.



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