Caerlaverock Castle (& The Wardlaw)

Neither did I waste Tuesday. Despite its being another scorcher of a day, I took a one o’clock bus to Caerlaverock Castle and enjoyed it a lot.

After a fashion the ruins reminded me of Bothwell Castle; I liked these even better for being still surrounded by a moat filled with water. Taking the path encircling the moat I then also discovered the foundations of the first castle, and thanks to the scarcity of buses and the tea room’s prices had enough time to climb the nearby Wardlaw hillock, overlooking the Solway Firth. (I’m still not fully used to tourist paths blocked by closed gates which you go through without comitting trespass, but I got there.)

For some reason, already in the castle I felt a (mentally) invigorating effect; sitting in a shade on a bench up the knoll and watching the countryside was even better. Strangely, I missed Tommy a bit for a companion, but at the same time quite enjoyed being there all on my own. I probably hadn’t felt as strong and self-possessed for a few months.


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