Right to buy to be scrapped

Nicola Sturgeon announced that the Scottish Government would abolish the right to buy in an attempt to improve access to social housing. I would need to study the matter more to form a stance on the policies involved, but the interesting part of the article is Annabel Goldie’s reaction.

“I could still remember the days when people lived in monolithic council house schemes […] and they were afflicted by a postcode prejudice. They were apprehensive about disclosing their address because they felt it would negate their chance of getting a job or even being accepted for an interview, and by offering a tenant the right to buy you […] stopped them being trapped in that environment because that’s exactly what they were.”

She apparently thinks that if you lived in a monolithic council house scheme and bought your flat, you no longer lived in a monolithic council house scheme. And that if you bought your flat, this was somehow reflected in your postcode, or perhaps in other people’s opinion about that postcode.

This is slightly disturbing. I remember Ms Goldie from First Minister’s Questions in the days when she was the leader of Scottish Tories, and although she would sometimes fall into poetic overstatements, as all politicians would, I don’t recollect her ever uttering something so patently absurd.



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